Stone and Granite Signage

Looking for an elegant recognition product without the large budget? Consider stone or tile. Stone or granite used in counter tops looks great when sand carved and paint filled. Check with a counter top maker for remnants or we may have some in stock.

Stone, granite, tiles and marble are also great materials for memorials. Keep alive the memories of special people and pets.

Ceramic, Travertine, & Porcelain tiles may also be sand carved and paint filled. We carry
6 X 6 and 12 X 12 ceramic and travertine tiles perfect for sand etching. You may buy your own for us to sand carve. Porcelain is much harder than natural stone or ceramic, so it costs more to etch. So if you’re on a tight budget make sure you purchase ceramic or travertine tiles.

Freeform stone and tiles may be displayed on a stand made for displaying art. Tiles may be put on view in a special built frame for tile display. The frames may be hung on a wall or they can stand on their own. We carry both stands and frames. We can custom make a frame for odd sizes.

We offer jet black marble in a number of sizes. High detail may be obtained with laser engraving for photos and line drawings. They may be deep etched by sand carving as well.

Oh yes, and I included in the photo gallery a small glass sign for a companies front desk. Etched glass is also very elegant.