Sending Graphic Files – What to Send – How to Send It

A graphic file is artwork saved in a file that has a name that ends with several letters such as jpg, bmp, tif or tiff, cdr, ai, eps or in a pdf (portable document file). You may e-mail us a graphic file by attaching it to your e-mail.

Please do NOT send us a graphic file saved in another file format, especially a graphic embedded in a Word document (doc or docx), Powerpoint (pps), other word processing files or document design program such as Adobe InDesign (indd).

If you are using Adobe Illustrator, please send us a file saved as a pdf and flatten the layers. If you must send us an Illustrtor file (ai), please save it in CS3 or an earlier version and uncheck the file compression box while saving it. We use CorelDraw (it is our industry standard) and we cannot import CS3 & CS4 compressed files.

Graphic Professionals & Artists – Vector graphics saved in a pdf file is desirable. Please turn all text to curves (outlines) and flatten any layers. If the file is a bitmap for laser engraving or sand etching, it must be pure black & white, 300 dpi or greater and without shadows, fades or other graphic tricks that don’t work well in black & white. It can be saved as a gray scale file as long as there are no shades of gray and all graphics are 100% black.

If the file is for full color direct print it is best to send a bitmap file, 300 to 400 DPI at the size it will be printed. We do NOT print, nor engrave graphics that have a copyright that you do not own.

If you have any questions, please call us at 951-894-7222. You may also find GRAPHIC FILE INFORMATION on our top menu under GRAPHICS very useful.

Laser engraving and sand etching is generally a process that requires black and white artwork (NOT gray scale). Some exceptions exist for laser engraving. Even gray scale does NOT work for sand etching and may or may not work for laser engraving based on the media we are using. This is why vector art is great for us, we can change colors with much less work.