Sand Etched Metal Products

Metal products that have been polished or coated such as anodized steel or aluminum can be etched (see below). Etching these products removes the coating or polish leaving the text or desired image. It is a subtle look, yet elegant and stylish. Popular products to etch include insulated travel mugs, blued or anodized gun stocks, polished silver cake cutters for weddings, and coated PC network face plates identifying the installer for maintenance calls.

The etching is permanent so you don’t have to worry about it wearing off or fading. We can etch most flat surfaces with any text or graphics. The area to be etched must be large enough to tape on the etching mask.

Metal coated with a thicker color coating may be etchable. Some coatings are difficult to remove and we won’t know until we try. There are a few products like Yeti’s that we have worked with the colored coating. They may be laser engraved, however, the etching area is smaller.