Tools for Verses, Famous Quotes, Translations and Wording

A few tips for creating a layout for an award or recognition piece. First, is to keep it simple. Fewer words provides more expression as it emphasizes those words. The most important thing to emphasize is the recipient. They earned it. Next is the name of the award or what the recognition is for. Who it is from should also receive some emphasis, and perhaps quite a bit if who it is from is a large part of the prestige in receiving it. And don’t forget the date (as much of the date as is important). For additional assistance see our articles regarding planning, set-up and wording of awards and recognition pieces. If you need more assistance, please call us. We do this everyday and would enjoy helping you. For additional verses and quotes from the Torah and Quran (Koran), the best source is Famous Quotations. I have not found another web site for the Quran or Torah that has the searching capabilities that Bible Verses has.