Personalized Gifts for Special People

Personalized gifts are very different from promotional products or ad specialties. Promotional products are typically inexpensive, has your own logo or information on it, and is given away to brand your business. Personalized gifts are generally more expensive, are engraved with the recipients name or graphics special to them, and is a great way to say “Thank You”. This thoughtful gift provides recognition for a special person. These special gifts are often used for many years by the recipient and provides an important link back to the gift giver and the event or purpose it represents.

We carry a full line of new leatherette products that are designed for laser engraving and look beautiful with logos, names, and other graphics and text. Check them out in this catalog: JDS Leatherette Catalog and on the Engraved Leatherette web page. You can see a few of the products laser engraved below.

Leatherette colors (surface color / engraving color) include: BLACK / GOLD, BLACK / SILVER, LIGHT BROWN / BLACK, DARK BROWN / BLACK, RAWHIDE / BLACK, PINK / BLACK, ROSE’ / BLACK, BLUE / BLACK, GRAY / BLACK.

We also offer a line of other laser engraveable gifts. Some may be full color printed on with our direct print UV printer. View the catalog here: Personalized Gift Catalog

Laser Engraveable Leatherette Products