Mounting Special Items for Display on Plaques and Bases

We custom mount unusual objects from water meters, statues and models, to rocks, wrenches and axes. They are all things of importance; items that have memories tied to them. Special people on special occasions deserve very special recognition. Occasions may include retirement, service anniversaries, special events, surviving a disaster, major projects or even something that reminds the recipient of a special time. We provide custom mounting services because most trophy shops don’t have the equipment, experience, nor creativity. We enjoy the challenge.

We’ve mounted hard drives for techies and calculators for accountants. And even a probation anklet for a custody deputy. Many years from now, the recipients will still remember the great people they worked with and the “good times” they shared.

Typically, wall plaques or bases made from wood, stone or marble are used to display these special items. When off-the-shelf products won’t quite cut it, we custom design and build wood plaques and bases for mounting that is appropriate for the item to be mounted. We also build a variety of wood or acrylic plastic devices to hold an item to a plaque or base.

As each project is very different, we quote all projects based on what is needed. In order to provide an estimate we need as much information about what you want to mount and what you want to say on the plaque plate. Below are some of the projects we have completed. Look them over to see the variety and quality of our work and to get ideas and perhaps a little inspiration. Make sure the special people in your life have a link to their special memories. Let us help you create great memories and tears of joy.