Miniature Scale Model Signs

We are now designing and producing miniature signs to scale for model railroads, Christmas Villages, architectural displays and for other model uses. Signs are laser engraved and cut from 2-ply (2 color) acrylic and can be backed with an acrylic of a different color. Miniature signs can also be laser engraved and cut from several species of wood  from sheets that are 1/16 or 1/8 thick. All signs are personalized allowing you to create names for businesses, railroad stations, towns and villages and for any of your other buildings. Name shops or busnesses based on hobbies of your family members. Include everyone!

We can also print full color miniature signs on single ply acrylic. The Old Route 66 State Highway sign (see below) is printed with UV curable ink (note the bullet holes appear to let aluminum color be seen) directly on single ply acrylic and then laser cut. Included in the photos below is a newer version of the Route 66 sign in blue and red without bullet holes. We will design other full color printed signs in the future as it takes time to coordinate the print and laser cut processes on these very small signs. The State Route signs can be personalized to any route and state desired. They can also be laser engraved rather than UV printed. They are available with or without bullet holes!

Personalized miniature signs will allow you to recreate the town or street where you grew up, your favorite vacation spot, or one you have imagined in your mind. Being small scaled signs, remember that the more text you want on the signs, the smaller the text will be and the harder it is to read. We have designed a number of sign blanks for buildings and a “Welcome to -Thank You for Visiting” double-sided sign for your own town. I have several designs for street signs as well.