Medals, Ribbons, Coins, Pins and Belt Buckles

Like all the other types of award products, there is a multitude of choices when it comes to medals, ribbons and pins. Here is a brief explanation of some of the primary types available.

Medals – Medals are cast metal and are designed to hang on neck ribbons or for use as coins or medallions. The front of a cast medal may have one of dozens of subjects. Most sports, academic themes and many other subjects are available. Typically, the back of the medal is blank, allowing for an engraved or printed circular insert to be added. We offer both laser engraved acrylic and full color directly printed aluminum insert for medals. Medals are also available that have blank fronts and backs allowing for medals to have an engraved or color printed insert added so it may be used for any theme. Custom cast medals are available, however, minimum quantities and a minimum of a months time is required.

Medallions and Coins – Medallions and Coins are cast medals without a ring for a ribbon. The military uses medallions as challenge coins. These coins are typically custom designed and cast in quantities over 100. The design and cast are expensive and cost prohibitive for small quantities.

Ribbons and Rosettes – Three, two and solid color ribbons are typical. There are many color combinations. We stock only the most commonly used colors. Please plan ahead and order two weeks in advance.

Pins – There are many types of pins and a wide price range. Custom pins have minimum quantities and a months lead time. Pins are available in pre-cast subject matter and must be ordered a week to two in advance. Pins with a blank front can accept a laser engraved acrylic inserts.