Logos and Graphic Files

What file types can we use? If you can export or save a file as a pdf (portable document format), this is the preferable format. A pdf can be created in many art programs. What is a pdf? It, like other file formats are referred to by the letters after the period in the file name. If you are using Adobe Illustrator a pdf file is preferable over an ai file. If you save an ai file for us, you must UNCHECK the compression box when saving it or we cannot import it into CorelDraw.

Other file formats we can use include cdr, tif (tiff), jpg, gif, and bmp. We engrave or sandblast using black and white art. If you are sending us vector art we can size it and make it black and white. Bitmap art must be a in black and white to be usable. Color bitmap art generally must be traced into vector art and made black and white. This will result in art charges.

Note how blurry this 72 DPI web logo (bitmap or raster art file) is when viewed close up. If viewed even closer you would see a “stair-step” look. When engraved or printed this graphic will look just as grainy and blurry.

Full color, low resolution jpg files designed for a web site often are too poor quality to be traced and are not usable for any personalization process. Let us look at whatever files you have and we can tell you what we can do and if there is a charge.

How can I tell if my graphic is too low in quality to be useful to Eagle’s Mark? In your Windows Explorer or similar PC browser look to see the file size or hover your mouse pointer over the file and the last item it shows on the list should be the size. If it shows as under 300kb, it is likely too poor a resolution to be useful. If it is over 300kb, it will depend on how big we need the graphic to be when we engrave it whether it is useful or not.

Here’s what we need based on what type of process we are doing for you:

Laser Engraving – Pure Black & White – Grayscale can work especially on wood – Vector Graphic or Bitmap at 300 DPI at Size

Full Color Direct Print – Full Color = Vector or 300 DPI at Size

Sand Etching = Pure Black and White Only = Vector or 300 DPI at Size

Having a Logo Designed? Make sure your graphic artist creates your logo in vector art (Adobe Illustrator or CorelDraw) and not bitmap art (Adobe PhotoShop or Corel PhotoPaint). This will allow your logo to be blown up to a very large size for banners and signs, change colors to black and white or a single color for ads in telephone books or engraving. You can even make a bitmap file for the web from a vector. Vector files are extremely flexible, bitmap files are not.

Check out our articles for more information on this subject.