Full Color Products

Full Color Textured Ink Direct Printed on a Variety of Our Products
Eagle’s Mark uses the latest technology with 3D textured inks to offer a comprehensive line of full color direct print of graphics, backgrounds and text. We can print on a wide variety of materials to produce awards plaques, recognition products, promotional products, wood as awards and signage, name badges, and decorative tiles.

Materials we can print on include: plastics, clear acrylic, glass, wood, leather, mirrors, and metal. We can make full color printed plates for any of our plaque products.
We only print on products we sell. We do not print on customer’s products

FEATURES – We can print on our products up to 6 inches tall, (like a wooden box) and 10 inches by 24 inches in size. The print is UV stable for outdoor use. The inks are flexible, scratch and chemical resistant (even with acetone). We can print opaque white ink.

GRAPHICS – We use vector artwork whenever possible. Bitmaps should be 300 DPI or greater in resolution. Logos and graphics prepared for the web are very low resolution and is NOT usable for any of our production processes. If color matching is important, vector art on white substrates will give you the closest match. Vector art also allows us to read PMS colors, however, bitmap art does not.

3D UV textured and flexible inks printed directly on products provides the very best results available today!

Eagle’s Mark is the first Platinum Printovator (TM) named by Direct Color Systems

Here is a sampling of products we can produce for marking important moments and communicating through signs: