Full Color Badges – Direct Printed with Textured Ink

Full color name badges are printed on PVC plastic or aluminum using a direct-to-substrate printer. Metal name tags work best in a badge frames as aluminum bends. Inks are UV stable, flexible, chemical resistant and 3D textured, providing a unique and eye-catching badge. The print is a full color process offering millions of colors, not just a few spot colors.

ID cards can also be printed. Photos, and a variety of bar codes and QR codes can be included. Lanyards are also available in a variety of colors or custom lanyards in a wide range of widths can be ordered. A photo of an ID card on a lanyard is shown below.

Color backgrounds can be printed and works best on white PVC. Gold and silver PVC and aluminum materials are also available. As the colors gold and silver cannot be printed (only simulated), gold and silver materials can be used with the graphic to fill that need. Full color name badges may be made in any size rectangle desired. Shapes are NOT available in full color, only with engraved name badges. Full color badges may be used with a badge frame. Several backings are available.

Eagle’s Mark’s full color name badges are highly scratch and chemical resistant, yet have vivid colors and amazing details. These are the best names badges available anywhere. Why is this important? It provides a positive first impression of your brand, you and your organization to everyone you come in contact with.

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