Sand Etched Glassware and Bottles

Eagle’s Mark sand carves & etches all glassware in-house providing an elegant look. The etch is deeper than laser engraving and a much more modern look than diamond drag engraved. Both graphics and text may be etched. There really is no comparison! Eagle’s Mark and it’s predecessor Glass Blasters, combined have over 20 years of decorative sand carving experience in the Murrieta & Temecula area.

Eagle’s Mark is well known for it’s etched beer mugs. Coaches love receiving them as recognition for a “job well done” and to remember the great experience and kids. Personalized beer mugs & glasses, as well as coffee mugs are great gifts.

If you are buying your own mugs and glasses just remember we can only etch plain areas that curve in one direction. Areas that have compound curves (curve sideways and up and down) cannot be etched.

How do I select the best glassware for etching? Read this post:
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