Solar, Electrical, Plumbing and Industrial Signage

Industrial and Electrical Placards, Solar Diagrams, Equipment & Plumbing Hang Tags, Dial & Indicators, Rulers and Legend Plates, Bar Codes & QR Codes

Laser engraved signs can provide permanency, precision and a high level of detail. Signage engraved on two-ply acrylic can be cut into any shape and is available in outdoor and indoor materials in a large variety of color combinations. Aluminum signage products include anodized and DuraBlack which is approved for military use and for harsh industrial applications. DuraBlack is available in a thin, bendable grade that can be applied to curved and round objects. A great use is for marking firefighting equipment which can easily get mixed up when multiple stations respond to an event. There are many other similar applications requiring ruged materials to safeguard valuable equipment and parts.

Legend plates, dials, custom rulers, plumbing tags for valves and pipes, equipment tags, serial number and date of manufacture plates are some of the projects we have worked on. We have also produced signage for electrical projects and diagrams for solar projects. Below is a list of bar codes and QR code plates we can produce. Color combinations for engraved acrylic plastic can be viewed on the Acrylic Plastic Sign page.

We now carry round and square thick metal industrial tags that can be laser engraved on both sides and have a hole for hanging. They are perfect for plumbing and gas valves and pipes. They come in two sizes, 1-1/2 inch and 2 inch. Colors are red, orange, black and blue.

We can mark Bar Codes and QR Codes of a variety of types.