Technology of the Highest Quality

Today, everything we do revolves around computers and the digital world. We can engrave any text and graphics we can get on the PC. We do not offer rotary engraving (using a cutter or diamond tip) for unpainted metal, such a clear brass or jewelry.

Laser Engraving

The laser is not like a laser printer. This laser burns away the top surface of an object. Award plates are typically decorated brass or aluminum painted with the top coat that burns away revealing the brass or aluminum plate below. Sins are made from a 2-ply acrylic plastic that burns away the top surface to reveal the 2nd surface. Therefore, it’s a 2-color process.

We utilize an Epilog Legend Mini 50 Watt laser with a 12″ X 24″ table. We can put objects in the engraver up to about 8″ in depth. The laser runs up to speeds of 80″ per second with a resolution up to 1000 dpi. We are very particular about the quality of engraving and we are thrilled with our Epilog Laser.

Full Color Graphics and Text on a Variety of Products

The Direct Jet UV printer is the latest technology that prints 3D textured inks directly on many substrates up to 6 inches tall, such as a wine bottle gift box as an example. Objects must be fairly flat, however, objects with a slight roundness such as golf balls may be printed on. It will print on plastic, wood, glass, mirrors, tiles, clear acrylic plastic, metal, leather and more.

The Direct Jet is used to personalize awards, gifts, indoor and outdoor signs (it’s UV stable), recognition products and many promotional products. The 1024UV prints to sizes up to 10 by 24 inches. The print resolution is extreme, beyond a quality most people can differentiate (up to 5,760 dpi). The DJ 1024UV can print opaque white typically used on colored substrates, glass, acrylic, leather and wood. Clear ink is used to further harden the color inks or as an overlay protection. The textured inks are extremely flexible, and scratch and chemical resistant (it even stands up to acetone).

UV textured inks provide a unique and contemporary look unmatched by any other printing process. It’s the very best available!

Decorative Sand Etching

We own a Rayzist 2034VXA sand etching cabinet. All etching is done in our shop. Artwork is produced on the PC and then placed onto masks. We use 3 types of masks, the selection is based on the hardness of the materials we are blasting, how flat the product is and how detailed the graphic design. The 3 types of masks are photo washout masking by Rayzist, laser masking by Rayzist and vinyl cut masking by Hartco.
Sand etching is performed with air pressures ranging from 20 to 40 PSI. We use the more expensive silicon carbide abrasive as it stays sharper longer and produces less duct. The primary grit size is 150 grit (just like sandpaper).

Graphtec Vinyl Cutter
We use this cutter primarily for making sandblasting masks for stone.