Many people like to give gifts of personalized glassware for celebrating of a special day, as a “thank you”, or recognition of a special contribution. This short article should help you select the best glassware for the purpose.

We offer the sand etching personalization process as it provides the most elegant and awesome look of all the personalization processes. Sand etching has a deep, 3D etch that has very sharp, crisp edges of text and graphics.

Selecting the best glassware for sand etching requires a basic understanding of how the etching is accomplished. Graphics and text on our computer are then printed and developed on a masking material a lot like film. This masking is placed tightly on the glassware in order to shoot etching abrasive at the image on the glass. The mask must be bent around the curve of the glass. When the masking is bent in two directions (a compound curve), the masking crinkles and stretches disfiguring the text and graphics. This makes masking the glassware difficult, frustrating and expensive when the process has to be repeated several times. Results are often not satisfactory or the area that can be etched well is too small for the desired personalization.

Below is an example of a wine glass that curves in one direction, left to right. It also provides a large etching area area make the personalization very readable and it stands out. The concept is the same for beer mugs, shot glasses and all other drinkware. We offer a selection of glassware that works well and with good size etching areas. If you select your own, please use this guide so you get the desired results.