Laser Engraved and Etched Insulated Mugs

Sand etching polished stainless and aluminum, as well as plated metals such as a cake cutter leaves a matte finish which is somewhat subtle, yet very stylish and elegant. Any text or graphic we can get on our computer, we can etch on the mug or other product. Curved items must only be curved in one direction. Products curving in two directions (compound curve) is much more difficult to etch and very much limits the area that can be etched. Note that sand etching (versus laser etching) provides sharp edges to all text and graphics. Sand etching provides the very best results.

The photo below shows a recently etched Yeti travel mug.

WARNING: As we have learned from sand etching or laser engraving many different brands of color coated thermal mugs and bottles, the thickness of the coat differs greatly. Results will vary. We cannot guarantee results on your products you bring in, and they will be laser engraved at your own risk. Color coated Yetis are a particular risk as we have experienced a wide range of coating thicknesses and have been informed that some may be coated twice. We sand etch non-coated aluminum mugs and bottles, like the mug below,  and have not experienced any problems.

Great News

We are now offering Polar Camel (TM) mugs. They are similar to Yeti (TM) mugs in that they are Stainless Steel Vacuum Insulated. Polar Camel (TM) mugs come in two sizes: 30 ounce and 20 ounce. Besides the regular stainless steel, they are also available in Black Coated Stainless Steel. See the photo on the bottom RIGHT.

And you’ll love the prices as well. We have some in and will be getting more.

We have just added mug holders and Polar Camel insulated beverage holders. The mug holders can be easily put on and taken off the Polar Camel mug. The beverage holders are great for boating and the beach as they float with a can or bottle in them.

We have tested etching the Yeti in powder coated colors. Due to the thickness and type of the coating we are NOT able to etch them; only the aluminum Yeti. We do have Polar Camels in black which etch just fine. I have been using a Polar Camel everyday and my coffee is still hot at the end of the day.

Sand Etched Yeti Mug
Polar Camel Mug Holder
Polar Camel Beverage Insulated Holder