Eagle’s Mark was named as the first Platinum Printovator (TM) by Direct Color Systems in June 2015

In 2014, Eagle’s Mark was selected to participate in the Direct Color Systems (DCS) Printovators (TM) program. Utilizing the DCS 1024 UV Direct Print system, Eagle’s Mark has used this new technology to create new, colorful products.  Eagle’s Mark will share it’s innovations and success with utilizing and maintaining this new technology with others in the industry.  “We are very excited to participate in this program and haven been chosen as an innovator in full color direct product printing”.

The DCS DirectJet 1024 UV prints directly on plastics such as acrylic, ceramics, stone, metal, wood, leather, and glass. The UV inks dry before the products even leave the printer and are very durable withstanding many chemicals. Full color prints from this system can be used in commercial kitchens, factories, automotive workshops and many other locations that can be hard on inks.  As the DCS DirectJet 1024 UV can also print white ink, the possibilities for products are extensive. This new method of printing provides a great deal of opportunities to create new products and work on a multitude of projects. Ink resolution (detail) is remarkable for such heavy inks. You can feel the inks on the products. The inks are textured and you can even print in a textured 3-D mode providing raised inks to the point you can feel the ribs of a basketball or the beard of an old man.

One of the new uses we are working on is a full color portraiture on an oval ceramic tile that will be inset into an urn. We are working closely with the manufacturer to jointly offer this product. The use of urns is growing rapidly and many family members want an urn with a enduring photo to remember a loved one.