The spring brings the desire to be outdoors and to smell great things cooking on the BBQ. Smokin Beef, pork and salmon are among my favorites using mesquite and hickory for beef and pork and apple wood for salmon. Alder is not bad either.

As we offer plaques with full color UV ink printed plates, or laser engraved we can create custom artwork for your event. We also offer trophies that are individually assembled based on your desire for size, column color, graphic image (beef, hog, BBQ, Chef, chili pot, etc.) and base. I’ve included a few photos of samples and will add more in the next week or two.

Chili cook-offs are also popular this time of year as creating your favorite chili dish is fun and works well for competitions and teamwork exercises. It’s a great way to get a family together, find new leaders, get a team working together, and meet people from other departments or organizations.

Cook-offs are great fund raisers for non-profits. Combine a few food categories into one event and you will greatly increase the number of participants. Cupcakes go great with chili. Pies team up well with BBQ. Create your own combinations and read my blog on food events.