Why a Name Badge

In today’s world people are cautious about strangers. A name badge is an instant introduction which tells a person who you are and where you work…so you’re no longer a stranger. A name badge tells others that you’re a professional.

At a conference, mixer or other event with a large group of people, a name badge is much more professional then a sticky, and is much easier for others to read. And remember, wearing your logo is a form of branding. Another benefit is helping other people remember who they met. Hearing and seeing your name and company multiplies the chances others will remember you. So maximize you’re networking with a simple name badge.

The Job of a Name Badge

Is a name badge just your business card on your chest? Not at all. Simple is best. When you introduce yourself, you generally give your name and company. Those two are a must. Your company may be in the form of a logo or as text only. If your logo is simple and easy to read, no additional text is necessary. Your name should be large and prominent. The choice of font should be a simple and easy to read font.

If you are primarily using your name badge at your place of work or in a company booth at a conference, a title on your badge may be a good option. Do people need to know your title? Do they need to differentiate jobs or responsibilities. If the answer is yes, add the title under the name in a smaller text size. First name only or first and last. If you are selling to customers in a store environment and people only need to know your first name, then first name only works well. Only provide what people need. It makes it easier for the customer. If you are meeting people you intend to get to know and see in the future, the last name is important.

What about industry credentials (all those letters) or marketing tag lines? It would be a rare case I would suggest adding anything else. A name tag is an introduction and is rarely nothing more. If you want people to remember your name and company, make them stand out. And they won’t stand out if they are lost among lots of small text getting in the way. People glance at a name badge, not read it like a book.

Your Logo

If you want to have your logo on your name badge, make sure it is a high quality copy of the logo. High quality is a file with 150 to 300 dots per inch (dpi). This does NOT include a file used on a web site which is typically 72 dpi. It looks fine when viewed on a computer monitor, but won’t look good reproduced any other way. Remember, this is your brand, show it off well. A vector graphic file of your logo is ideal. It is always sharp at any size.

Name Badge Shape

If you want your name badge to stand out, or to give it a little umph, have it made in a shape other then a rectangular. A laser engraved name badge can be made into any shape as it is cut by the laser beam based on the artwork of the designer. An oval, rectangle with an attached oval, house, limo, or another shape that is associated with your business will make it just that much more noticeable and memorable.

Backings and Frames

The backing refers to how it will attach to your clothing. There are several types of clips (clip on), pins, magnets, and a few other selections. Most people use magnets as they are quick and easy to put on and don’t leave little holes. However, if you have a pace maker or other type of electronic device within your chest cavity, you should not use a magnet without your doctors permission as a magnet may interfere or stop your medical device from working.

Frames are plastic or metal holders of a name badge that provides an edging or frame. It is another way to enhance the look of your name badge and make it stand out.

Engraved or Full Color

Engraved name badges are made from two ply (two color) acrylic plastic. The top surface material is burned away(laser) or cut away (rotary) to reveal the 2nd surface as text and graphics. They are very durable, resist scratching and are great for those using their name badge frequently. Full color name badges are typically printed on a single ply PVC plastic or metal (silver aluminum or brass). White, silver and gold plastic is typically used. The printing process is a special process where the ink is press into the material at high temperature. It is often referred to as sublimation (or a similar process). They are very colorful &hold up well. However, they generally don’t last as long as engraved name tags, especially if they are used very frequently.