“Board Member”. Another title I see people struggle with is the “Chairperson” title as it relates to a woman or wanting to make it gender neutral. “Chair” or “Chairperson” are both gender neutral and acceptable. For name badges, shorter is better. So I prefer “Director” and “Chair”. The shorter versions fit better and are more easily read.

The “Chair” position, as most other gender specific titles can be made male specific by adding ”man” to the title such as “Chairman” or female specific by adding ”woman” to the title such as “Chairwoman”. More examples are “Councilman” and Councilwoman”, “Alderman” and “Alderwoman” or “Selectman” or “Selectwoman”.

General Neutral Titles for Some Common Organization and Agency Types

General Membership Titles

Board of Directors – Director, Board Member
Executive Committee – Executive Committee Member, Executive Member
Board of Regents – Regent
Board of Trustees – Trustee
Board of Governors – Governor
Board of Supervisors – Supervisor
Board of Chosen Freeholders – Freeholder
Board of Selectmen – Selectperson
Board of Aldermen – Alderperson
Advisory Board – Adviser, Board Adviser
Commissions – Commissioner
City Council – Councilmember or Council Member

Board of Directors

Chair or Chairperson
Vice President
Chair Elect
First Vice Chairperson
Second Vice Chairperson
Membership Chairperson
Committee Chair


Vice Chair

City Council

Mayor Pro Tem
Vice Mayor
Councilmember or Council Member