Custom Mounting Cool & Unusual Objects on Wall Plaques & Wood, Stone or Marble Bases

Our favorite projects include mounting objects that are meaningful to the recipient, however odd they may seem, or awkward they may be to mount. Mounting heavy or large objects to a wall hanging plaque can be especially challenging. We’ll discuss some of the methods we use to accomplish this. Some objects are best mounted to a wood base or a base made of stone or marble. This will allow the special object to sit on a tabletop. A base may also have an award plate with text and graphics, just like a plaque.

Wood wall plaques work well, especially for large and tall objects that don’t need to sit high on a base to be seen. We’ll use a standard plaque or custom build a wood base when necessary.

If you are interested in mounting something cool or special and would like to see some of our custom mounting projects select custom mounting on our menu.

The Airplane Model

The aluminum airplane on the left is mounted on a jet black marble base. The silver against the contrasting black marble enhances the look and helps the plane stand out. Marble naturally laser engraves to white. Again, the white text against the black marble has high contrast and makes the engraved text stand out. These elements make a great combination. Now you have a truly unique and meaningful award that is one-of-a-kind. And based on the cost of the mounted object, can be a highly valued award on a very modest budget.

So how do we mount the plane on the base? There are many bonding methods available. One of our favorite is to use acrylic adhesive sponged sign tape. It is very aggressive and strong. Within seconds of mounting the plane I was able to pick up the trophy by the plane, even though the marble base is quite heavy. High bond tapes eliminate the mess of liquid or gel adhesives. The drawback is that they bond immediately. So you have be sure about where you’re placing the object; have sure hands; and be slow and deliberate. I usually use Post-It Notes to mark the back and one side of the placement area. I tip the object to one side lining up the exact placement and then tip it onto the base. Press the object down several times pushing any air out from under the tape and securing the object to the base. I then finish by placing four rubber or felt feet on the bottom of the base to eliminate scratching of surfaces so the award can be placed on fine furniture.

The Stone

Mounting large or protruding objects on a plaque that will hang on a wall can be a particular challenge. If the weight is too far forward the plaque will fall off the wall. It may take some experimenting to know when a object is too protruding or too heavy to be mounted on a wall plaque. To help matters, we install a wire hanger on the back of the plaque with some slack in the wire allowing the top of the plaque to sit off the wall some and to be hung on the wall with two or three hangers. In extreme cases, the plaque must be stood-up on a shelf for display.

Adhering the stone to the wood can be tricky. For the plaque on the right, we used a combination of adhesives. A small amount of acrylic sponge tape in the middle of the back of the stone allowed for permanent placement while a clear epoxy surrounded the tape. The epoxy made sure all the curves and nooks & crannies were filled and added to the surface that was adhered to the wood. The tape held the stone in place so it would not crawl or move while the epoxy dried.

The Water Meter

The last mounting type has the protruding weight challenge just discussed, plus there is no adhesive, tape nor liquid that would hold a heavy water meter on a plaque …permanently. The only way to mount the meter to the plaque was with a substantial size screw. First, so the screw doesn’t protrude from the back of the plaque it must be inset into the wood. That was easy enough, but highlights an important issue when selecting the plaque to mount objects on. Solid wood or real laminated wood on particle board is required. Using a plastic laminate on pressed board poses a high risk of the adhesive pulling the laminate off the plaque or the pressed board falling apart from being cut into.

The solid brass meter offered a large challenge of where and how to screw into the meter. First, we decided to take the meter apart, remove some inside parts that would not be seen to reduce weight. We wanted to see if there was a hole in the back that a fairly large screw would fit through. We really wanted to avoid drilling into the meter and threading a screw into the brass. That would be time consuming and thus expensive. We lucked-out and found a hole that would work well using a screw from inside the meter, and a flat washer and another washer and nut on the back side of the plaque. A larger hole is drilled part of the way through the back allowing for the nut to be inset.

The Oak Tree

The Oak Tree was designed for recognizing a coach at Great Oak High School. It was very appropriate, unique & meaningful, and didn’t break the budget. It was adhered using a heavy foam sign tape after the plaque was directly laser engraved. Rubber feet are applied so it won’t scratch the desktop.